On the top of “Für Unternehmen” B2B Page we tested two buttons. “Beratung anfordern” or “Angebot erhalten“.

We wanted to see if more people want a quote or advisory. It was always a question because we want to show aqua alpina as professional for waterdispensers with the best service and great advisory.

Direct test on the same page with two buttons that are shown 50/50 to users. Audience is mostly organic, no campaign is directly linked to that. Tracking is automated by divi.

Variations design:
Two identical buttons with same anchor link. Only difference is the text. “Beratung anfordern” or “Angebot erhalten“.

Website Productfinder

Results and learning:
After 10 Days we found out, that there is a 50% higher clickrate on “Angebot erhalten”. Maybe it’s because of the current stage of the users in the buyer jurney.


Next actions:
Check the hypothesis in Ads, make a different design on the page.